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Military Vehicle Trust



Welcome To The North Staffordshire M.V.T.



Welcome to the site of the North Staffs M.V.T. This is a regional area group of the national Military Vehicle Trust. The group consists of like minded people who buy, own, restore or just have an interest in military vehicles from a bicycle to an R.A.F. jet plane.

The group came into being after many years of going to events and shows together, it was suggested to form our own club and this is what we have today.Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month, starting at 8.00pm. The venue for the meeting is at
"Motor Clinic Garage", Trentham Road , Longton, S-O-T. Everyone is welcome to attend our friendly gathering.

We have a small group of members who actively take part in different Re enactor scenarios, who are always looking for recruits?

The trouble being most of us are a little too old and a little too portly for this nowadays. After our groups visit to Arnhem we have decided to sponsor a Polish Airborne Reenactor Group.

This is the Grupa Rekonstrukcji Historycznych 1 Polska Samodzielna Brygada Lodz.